Hounds for Heroes - Service Dogs for Veterans

Service Dogs by The Dog Alliance

Hounds for Heroes is the service dog program of The Dog Alliance that is specifically designed for veterans and first responders.  In addition to being trained to be unobtrusive in public, our service dogs are trained to mitigate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress (PTS), anxiety and or depression and or assist with mobility challenges.   Each dog performs a minimum of three tasks that enable their partner to lead a more "normal" life. The tasks are selected after extensive conversations with the adopter.
"I just want to tell some vets that there is hope and people care about us. I am a disabled vet and suffer from PTSD. I found The Dog Alliance and from day number 1, they have treated me with the utmost respect and honor, and have made the process of obtaining a service dog very smooth and pleasant. I consider them a family, and they are always available for any questions or concerns. My service dog is Muse, and she definitely makes me look forward to tomorrow. Thank you Dog Alliance." - Carlos Loco, 8/9/2016 

We are proud to feed the Hounds for Heroes dogs in training high quality food and training treats, and to provide them with high quality veterinary care donated by our community partners:

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